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Commited to Ending Homelessness

Even in a community as fortunate as ours, the specter of homelessness hovers near many who walk among us. At JOURNEYS | The Road Home, we are committed to ending homelessness by empowering individuals to take charge of their lives.

We are the only provider in north/northwest suburbs of Cook County to offer both shelter and social services to those who are homeless and at-risk of becoming homeless. We have served nearly 1,000 clients this past year, with a 115% increase in children under the age of five. We empower individuals to take control of their lives and find an independent path to a more stable and secure life.


What do we do? 
1. PADS Program
Comprised of 18 faith based sites that provide overnight shelter, including dinner,  breakfast and a sack lunch.  The program is staffed by  over 2,500 volunteers, and during the last year housed an average of 70 guests per night.

2. HOPE Center
Provides over 30 free services to clients including case  management, job, mental health and housing counseling,  healthcare and legal referrals as well as laundry, showers and mail services. This is also where people register to use  emergency shelters in the area. 

3. Pathways Housing Readiness Program
Offers hope for someone ready to take the next step in moving out of homelessness, preparing them to become housing ready, while providing referrals and placement. Once housed, the clinical team provides clients with the necessary support and counseling services to promote stability and housing  maintenance.

Who do we help? The face of homelessness has changed over the years. Today’s homeless are not only middle-aged men, they are also women,  children and families. The face of homelessness has increasingly become more diverse.

•   30% of our clients are risk of becoming homeless while 70% are actually homeless
•    40% are families with children
•    20% are children under the age of 18
•    33% are single women & 46% are single men

- On average, the HOPE Center moves 2 households per week from homelessness to permanent housing
- By providing food, clothing and vocational and mental health counseling, the HOPE Center prevents 6 individuals per week from losing their homes.
- JOURNEYS' vocational case manager helps an average of 6 indivials a month find employment.
- Between the PADS Program and the HOPE Center, JOURNEYS serves over 200 meals per day.

We can’t do this alone, we need the help of a community that cares enough to lend their support. Please help us as we encourage others to take charge of their lives as they move forward and upwards. Together, we can empower hope and commit to ending homelessness.
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